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    Hip hop quotables. Video in this thread Songs That Got " Hip Hop Quoteable" in the Source The Hip- Hop Spot. The dates link to a scan from the magazine and the song titles link to the verse in the song that was featured. Songs That Got " Hip Hop Quoteable" in the Source. Sep 19, · The principles of true hip- hop have been forsaken, It' s all contractual and about money makin, Pretend- to- be cats don' t seem to know they limitation, Exact replication and false representation" - The Roots - What They Do Jan 11, · Tagged Big Pun, Hip Hop, Images of Hip Hop Quotables, Jay- Z Source Quotable, Nas, Nas Lyrics, Nas Quotable, Nas Source, Quotables, The Source, The Source Hip Hop Quotables Leave a comment Post navigation. Ludacris - Chicken- N- Beer - black man' s struggle skit 12. WTF does hip hop quotables even mean? Hip Hop Quotables Assembled by the Hip Hop Curriculum Project Youth Team! Hip Hop Quotables " Every word I write should be a hip hop quotable" Monday, April 23,. I really dont understand it. Now I cant really fault Nas for his Hip Hop is dead sentiment when I see and hear some of the stuff that passed for hi[ p hop these days. Dec 21, · Ludacris - Chicken- N- Beer - hip hop quotables 11. Feb 10, · In honor of The Grammy’ s, here are the five best Steph Curry quotables in hip- hop.
    Sections: hiphop 1076 on now. Quality Post [ THROWBACK THURSDAY] Hip- Hop Quotables from 35 Issues of The Source ( ' 90s) ( self. The real hip hop is. Ludacris - Chicken- N- Beer - hoes in my room ( feat. Hiphopheads) submitted 3 years ago by GaryTheJerk. Ludacris - Chicken- N- Beer. Hip Hop Quotables Lyrics: Hi, my name' s Ludacris, and I' m high as giraffe pussy / And I' m close to the edge, so your parents can come push me / I curse so much just to get on they nerves / I got.

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